LoL.A. Episode 022

An enlightening episode of LoL.A. this week. Hollywood Castle resident Benji Lanpher drops into the studio. Not only does Benji bring some hilarity from up the hill, but his work as a Segment Director and Director of Photography on HBO's VICE and NatGeo Channel means he logged 100 flights in 2014. And from all that travel, he brings us a reveling look of the world from outside the L.A. bubble. Benji talks Life Below Zero, how negative 80 degree temperatures can give a guy a shy butthole, and how tasty whale meat is. You can also take note that if you are traveling to countries around the globe, a good thing to avoid is a poop marsh. That's just solid advice.

Oh, a Lisa shares an lol moment at the gynecologist... so that happened.  

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