LoL.A. Episode 52

You guys, we've made it! 52 episodes later and LoL.A. officially has delivered a full year's worth of......well....we're not sure either. But because we're so deep, we've taken it upon ourselves to do some inner-reflection for this episode: We're here to relive the hilarity surrounding our favorite guests, sponsors, topics, dead #2SeaterWienerBeamers, and Murray Swanby abs from the past year [aka we like hearing ourselves talk and also talking about ourselves listening to ourselves talk.....and listening....and talking] If you've never listened before, now's definitely the time --- Episode 52 couldn't possibly explain this show any better. Seriously, #DudeHomie.... get back on the #MarkWahlbergSexTrain and let's ride down memory lane! If you want to leave us a comment, please use the threads at The Labcast Blog

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