LoL.A. Episode 026

Episode 26 of LoL.A. goes international-- because we're cultured like that. And by "going international", we mean that Brendan tricked his Parisian friend who literally just got off the plane from France into sitting here, trying to figure out what type of crazy people he's gotten himself caught up with. Per usual, we tackle all of the important questions of the moment, like what's this week's #blurbonthecurb? How does predicting the Oscars equate to drinking while playing pool? How does Brendan REALLY feel about you and your dog? Also, we learn that nothing on TV is true-- including the news. How do we know that, you ask? Guess it's time to download and find out! If you want to leave us a comment or share an LOL.A. thought, please use the threads at The Labcast Blog

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