LoL.A. Episode 42

This is a comedy podcast, after all, so not having Drew Droege back on the show would just be rude. Our favorite comedy inside source returns with more scoop and sagas from the industry we all know and love, and people we hate (*cough* Anne Hathaway). We tackle all of the hard news of the moment too, like the psychoanalysis behind always wrangling the #DownSyndromeBull // the actual insanely ironic reason that OJ Simpson wasn't cast as the Terminator // if SJP is an actual, real life witch // and, most importantly, why anyone is wasting their time with anything other than #LinkedInDick? Yeah, that LinkedIn. Do you think they'll hire us for marketing? Genius-ness flowing courtesy of an entire case of Stella #BecauseGalloPinotSaidHellNo. If you want to leave us a comment, please use the threads at The Labcast Blog

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