LoL.A. Episode 43

LISA IS BACK! As much as Brendan loved the spotlight these past few episodes, we all really did miss our star! Dying to hear all the dirty deets about where she's been? Well... you're not TOTALLY going to get that (dang TV non-disclosure agreements) but if there's one thing we love about Lisa, she definitely knows how to walk a fine line. Plus, LA nightlife extraordinaire Markus Molinari returns to talk all things VIP. If it wasn't obvious enough, Brendan could never be a commoner (dramatic Hollywood as #Titanic metaphors included), and, when it's a #HashtagMILF mommy's night out, #IDontHaveTimeToNotGetIn-- aka BYE. Also, obviously, #IAmCait. Gossip! Drama! Fun!  #Prognathic #WordOfTheDay  #GrandmaCandy  #TheseHaveAlwaysBroughtMeLuck. If you want to leave us a comment, please use the threads at The Labcast Blog

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