LoL.A. Episode 44

Late start to the day -- things got REAL weird during this much so, that we kept the Murray Swanby (LoL.A. favorite and this week's return guest) party going from the podcast alllllll the way to Touch Thursdays, and we've been recovering ever since. As would be expected with a guest that a billion guys j.o. to, this episode is pretty sexual. Sex sells, ya know? With talk of  an #OutieInniePenis and #JustTheTip (which doesn't count), there's #NothingButNakedness [context is everything... don't believe everything you read, kids!] Also, Murray makes us all look bad in more ways than just the super obviously physical one (those ABS! and he's like, a good person). Other unrelated questions: Who has the best dentist? What exactly is a ballet of alcoholism? And, how many raspberries does it take to build an Olsen-twins empire? If you want to leave us a comment, please use the threads at The Labcast Blog

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