LoL.A. Episode 47

TODAY, on the Brendan and Allison show...! Seriously though, Lisa and Jeff... like.... where'd you guys go? ANYWAY. We didn't even miss them because our guest, comedian Zach Noe Towers, is the bomb and adamant about #NoPlanB and we like him for that. We give you stories about Brendan stepping on people at the bar, #TheButtholeofWestHollywood, what happens when Paris Hilton doesn't get enough sauce, peaking at young ages (looking at you Taylor Lautner), and Kardashian metamorphosis. Speaking of which, BRENDAN WAS AT THE BIGGEST BIRTHDAY PARTY OF THE CENTURY and you knowwww you want THAT gossip. Check us out! #Smize #BrendansAlwaysRight #IBelieveinG #WorkHarderYouFatBitch. If you want to leave us a comment, please use the threads at The Labcast Blog

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