LoL.A. Episode 45

The LoL.A. fab four is back together once again!! Lisa, Brendan, Jeff, and Allison are bringing it back to basics this week, learning who gets to be the dog and who gets to be the pony, how fun it is to be able to call douchey people out on their LA bullshit, and that, ya know, sometimes tongue grazing just happens. Also, something that occasionally happens when you're recording with just the fam is deciding hey, #FuckYouOklahoma, you're now a prison state.  We don't know who/what you're talking about because WinoMa Ryder is not a real person, but who's shirt is Brendan wearing? Also, not suprisingly, we're AGAIN reminded that Brendan is #AlwaysRight.  #IWonThisNose #MootsyMellows #MexicanSurfboard #SentenceAnagrams #RondaRouseyPosse #DaxelsSalsa. If you want to leave us a comment, please use the threads at The Labcast Blog

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