LoL.A. Episode 46

Somehow, more than usual, this episode gets real dirty real fast. It's kinda gross even, but that's fine. All of this is a strange juxtaposition because our guest this time around, Matthew Faze, is just a "baby angel of love", as we here at LoL.A. like to call him--- he's a young musician and vocalist with a voice from the heavens AND Hollywood hasn't sucked his soul out yet! So, imagine literally a precious angel serenading you paired with #JenniferAnistonsColdNips, things coming out of Lisa's butt, #ArbysMeatFloralists, and just everything that's wrong with John Travolta, and TADAAAA you've got Episode 46.  Embrace it. Download it. Love it. If you want to leave us a comment, please use the threads at The Labcast Blog

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