LoL.A. Episode 79

You guys.... we got him, we found him, he's real, he exists.... #ITSREALLYKEN!!! Brandon Cole Bailey might be the most attractive human we've ever allowed on the show, but since this is an audio medium, you don't get to see that. You do, however, get a fine conversation about #HitlersPassion, #BellaHadid, and the introduction of the latest and greatest state to the Union, #Flowerda. Feel free to insta-stalk BCB in the meantime, though, because while he's got so much ahead of him, our pregnant host, does not....apparently. Lisa D'Amato - #NothingLeftToGive. This week's self proclaimed epithet, folks. This is why we need social media validation. If you want to leave us a comment, please use the threads at The Labcast Blog

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