LoL.A. w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep020 - THE LOST EPISODE

If we would have recorded a new episode this week, our #FuckTrending topic would probably have been something about #ThatDamnDress. Is it #whiteandgold? #blackandblue? DON'T CARE.

Lucky for us.....we recorded this episode way back in the dark ages and just now is it coming to light. So instead of talking about a topic that should NEVER have been a thing, Lisa calls out a totally legitimate person. Who, you ask? It's definitely someone that is smarter than we'll ever be.

For all you newcomers, #fucktrending is a really fun way to point out everything that's wrong with society. We've all seen those trending topics that should absolutely have never been a thing, and the fact that they were one makes you question the human race. It's like when Gretchen Weiners tried to make "fetch" happen. Dying to hear what makes you say "#fucktrending" these days. 

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