LoL.A. w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep028

This week, our guest - Bravo TV personality Andrew Coleman - helped us uncover a lot of strangeness here at #LOLA. You may recognize Andrew from the Bravo shows "Flipping Out" and "Interior Therapy".

One thing we didn't know here at the Labcast is that, in true Lisa D'Amato "jack of all trades" fashion, her and Adam (& The Castle!) once happened to be featured on "Interior Therapy"--- the very show that Andrew is known from! Coincidentally, they don't actually even know eachother from the show, since Andrew joined Jeff Lewis' team after Lisa's episode, but still-- what a small world! In honor of that odd coincidence, we found a clip from her episode that we felt obliged to share with you, our loyal listeners. Presenting....Interior Therapy: Lisa's Wild Side. (AKA:......just normal Lisa as we know her).