LoL.A. - RIP #2SeaterWienerBeamer

Last week on the show, Lisa was giving Brendan shit about his embracing of the #LongHairDontCare philosophy, specifically about the windblown look he was rocking after arriving, top down, in what she calls his "2-Seater Wiener Beamer".

Somehow, the crew was inspired to take the group pic on/around his precious car after the record.

THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES, people. For some reason, the car/license plate was a priority on the fine Thursday evening. We took a pretty nostalgic and amazing pic.

Brendan jetted off on Thursday evening, and that was the last we'll see of the #2SeaterWienerBeamer. The car was totaled shortly after, never to be seen again. Enjoy this extra special moment, y'all.


PS Brendan is alive and well. Still made it out for #ThirstyThursday---- we'd expect nothing less!