LoL.A w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep027

Like we said, a lot of brand promotion happened this week too. Lisa's plastic surgeon, a lottttt about a certain wine brand, and some other places she frequents (Potential sponsors? Are you listening?) We've got a pretty solid relationship with MWM Designs, however, so feel free to check out the jewelry line Lisa is talking about this week. Check out that cool stuff HERE!

Aside from normal chatter, we finally touch on the #fucktrending moment of the week (or year?!) this week, and it's still just as stressful as it was last week. In case you've been living under a rock and missed out, all hell broke loose on the internet last week as the world debated the color of an extremely heinous dress. Is it #goldandwhite? #Blueandblack? Jeff and Brendan say #blueandblack, Allison and Lisa say #whiteandgold, but we all agree that, regardless of the color, it's #ugly. Technically, it IS #blueandblack (or WHATEVER), but it's still stressing us out. Here's a fun article that sums it up and makes your head spin a littttttle less.

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