LoL.A. w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep044


As we mentioned, in addition to having the body we'll never have, we're also super jealous of how good of a person he really is! We talk about Cecil the Lion and all of the drama surrounding that situation in this episode, at which point Murray, while discussing all of the charity and philanthropy that our nation could be doing in the wake of this and many other disasters, takes a moment to talk about a charity he is involved with and passionate about. If you're feeling like a good human today, take a minute and check it out below. The rest of the LoL.A. crew took that cue and highlighted some of their favorite charities as well. Except Brendan. But we knew he was heartless already -- #DreamCrusher.

JK, luh you B. But seriously, check out the awesome charities they were talking about!


Saddle Up LA for Life Group LA - Benefitting the support, education, and empowerment of those affected by HIV/AIDS.


Free Arts - Benefitting the inspiration of neglected, abused, and impoverished children through creativity and the arts.


Ironwood Pig Sanctuary - Providing a permanent home in a safe, nurturing environment for abandoned, abused, neglected or unwanted pot bellied pigs in Arizona.

Best Friends - Benefitting the collaborations with associations across the state working to make Utah a no-kill state.


Oh yeah, and for those of you who are only in it for his BODY... check out his spread with Pablo Hernandez in Winq magazine!


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